Our Approach

The professional team of M & A Group shares the following operating principles in our approach of work with clients:

  • Our teams are closely involved and result-driven, and that helps create a truly personalized relationship with the client. We provide one-shop solution to our clients.
  • Our core values are our technical expertise, quality of our professional staff, our total independence and objectivity, our strict confidentiality and integrity.
  • We always position ourselves with our clients on the basis of a long-term relationship, tailored partnership and quality service. We appreciate cultural difference between East and West in our approach of work.
  • Anticipating and responding rapidly to events and securing decisions are indeed essential in this harshly competitive, globalising environment. We firmly believe that collaboration and cooperation can enable our company to stay competitive. We network with business partners with different skill sets and expertise to tackle different parts of increasing complexity of the business environment.

Our Story

M & A Group has a talent pool with extensive experience in financial consulting services to reputable and prestige companies in Greater China region.

  • Our management team members are technically competent. We are Certified Public Accountants; and, are fellow members of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) and Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants (HKICPA).
  • Our management team members have 10 – 20 years commercial working experience for multinationals before joining our professional practice. Hence our China consulting services fully comprehend both commercial, financial and technical requirements of our clients.
  • We are a professional practice with over 15 years experience providing China finance and consulting services to prestige clients conducting businesses in Greater China region.
  • Our office conveniently situated at Central Hong Kong providing easy access to business partners like bankers and lawyers; and more importantly, saving precious time for clients in transportation.
  • We are more than just professional accountants. We have international vision and local China / Hong Kong experience. We have strong business and commercial sense. We have ample capital market and macroeconomic knowledge. We essentially can provide a service quality of a multinational CFO at a reasonable price.
  • Someone may think that they want to negotiate an unreasonable price, say audit fee, to save costs. We should know that all experienced bankers and creditors all know that these little time costs cannot complete an quality audit assignment. Hence, you should expect that they cannot rely on the financial statements to assess their creditworthiness…

Meet the Team

Mondy Chan

Executive Director

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