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Are you well versed in China trade and investment?  M & A Companies has accumulated over 30 years dealing with issues in China.  We are surely your trusting partners contributing to your successes in China trade and China investment.  

We can add value to building up your China legal structure.  We are familiar with China WFOE and Representative Office setup for commercial conglomerates and charitable organizations.  We can advise how to optimize your return using Hong Kong or BVI companies legal structure.  We can help you identify potential partners or investment opportunities and more importantly provide due diligence services.

Our business services include all the essential knowledge of a qualified CFO.  We are knowledgeable in China Economics laws, China Representative Office, China WFOE, China taxation, Hong Kong Company laws, Hong Kong taxation and Corporate Governance.  Besides, we have a strong sense of global macro-economy and capital market.  We are experienced in tackling currency issues and managing treasury functions.

Our management team members are qualified certified public accountants with more than 20 years of valuable experience working in China and Hong Kong.  We always strive to over-deliver our services beyond clients’ expectation.  You can surely optimise for your value for money as we charge only a fraction that of Big 4 firms but delivering similar quality services.

We Provide Quality Services Enhance Successes in China Trade and China Investment.

Set up China & Hong Kong Legal Entities

Provide Secretarial Services, Board Minutes Writing & Tax Planning

Work on Business Proposals, Investment Appraisals, Due Diligence, Business Planning & Ad Hoc Consulting Services

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